Stacey Silva Feels 'Lost' After Getting into the 'Worst Fight' Ever with Twin Sister Darcey

"We're twins, there's that unique bond that we have. It feels like it's just fading away and I'm not sure what it's going to take to move past this," Stacey Silva shared on Monday's Darcey & Stacey

Stacey Silva Warns She Will Become ‘Bridezilla' to Get What She Wants for Her Wedding Day
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Stacey Silva is worried about the future of her relationship with sister Darcey after a blowout fight over their twin wedding.

On Monday's episode of Darcey & Stacey, she told fiancé Florian Sukaj that the argument over their foiled plans for a twin wedding left her "so upset."

Stacey wondered if her sister was "not happy" for them after her split from Georgi Rusev last year.

"Honestly, I feel she knows I found my soul mate and there's a feeling of completeness that I have," she said in a confessional. "She doesn't probably feel complete. I don't think she wants to be alone the rest of her life."

She explained that the twins' move to Miami has caused "all kinds of tensions and problems," adding, "If Darcey keeps picking fights with me, I feel like it's going to ruin our relationship and the future of it. I'm scared."

"This is the worst fight that Darcey and I have ever had in our whole life," she shared in a confessional. "This fight made me feel lost. We're twins, there's that unique bond that we have. It feels like it's just fading away and I'm not sure what it's going to take to move past this."

Stacey Silva Warns She Will Become ‘Bridezilla' to Get What She Wants for Her Wedding Day

In her own confessional, Darcey revealed she was also "rattled" by the fight.

"I have this knot in my stomach and part of it is because I do admit that I was too defensive and aggressive at the time," she admitted. "But, I have had enough of Stacey's patronizing attitude toward me. You know, I've gone through a lot in my life. I just need her to understand that and have a bit more compassion."

Darcey and Stacey then headed back to Connecticut where both of Darcey's daughters were celebrating milestones: Aspen's 16th birthday and Aniko's prom.

The drama continued during Aspen's birthday dinner when Stacey accused Darcey of cutting her off while giving their dad Mike an update about their business.

"Normally, we're really good at putting a Band-Aid over things and letting it blow over," Stacey said in a confessional. "But this time it hasn't, and I don't know what is going to take."

Mike then intervened and told the twins they needed to find a way to move forward together. "We're family," he said. "Family doesn't always get along. But when I'm gone, I'm gone. That means there's only you two left. You have to lean on each other."

The twins then exchanged apologies for their past behavior and agreed to move forward.

Stacey Silva Warns She Will Become ‘Bridezilla' to Get What She Wants for Her Wedding Day

Later, Darcey met up with her friends. Though they admitted to seeing "red flags" about Georgi before the breakup, they couldn't resist asking about the size of his genitals, to which Darcey confirmed, "He was big. He was huge. That s--- like hit his knees."

She added, "I'm obviously no longer with Georgi but there's one thing I can kinda miss which, you know, was his BDE. His Big D--- Energy."

After mending fences, Darcey and Stacey were on hand as Aniko and her friends took photos before prom. However, Aniko becomes worried when her date Christian was late to arrive but he came just in time — and he even brought flowers for Darcey.

"This moment is very bittersweet for me because I know very soon she'll be going off to college and flying the coop," Darcey shared. "I won't be there by her side to support her so it's going to be a new way of life for her and it's going to be a whole new experience for me too. It's hard."

The twins went back to Miami for a pitch meeting with Johnny, the CEO of Impossible Kicks. After seeing their samples, Johnny said he was left "a little confused."

"We're going to do Miami inspired and this feels very Connecticut," he told the twins. "This is beautiful but it's not going to sell in my store."

"I don't think the ladies were well prepared for their meeting today," he explained. "I think the colors were just too plain, too basic and there was really nothing that jumped out at me. I feel like I got a lot of regurgitated styles from the past that I really needed a fresh outlook on what they wanted to launch."

Johnny encouraged the twins to focus on streetwear style and sweatsuits for their collaboration; however, they knew he was underwhelmed by their presentation.

"We really tried really hard to impress Johnny and he wasn't impressed," Stacey said and Darcey added, "We have about four weeks to get everything done so we have to go to LA to meet up with our team to source and create this new sample collection. We're not going to let House of Eleven go down like this."

Stacey Silva Warns She Will Become ‘Bridezilla' to Get What She Wants for Her Wedding Day

Meanwhile, Stacey also continued planning her wedding to Florian.

"I came to realize that it's just best to have our wedding here in Miami because I have a lot going on with House of Eleven, if we're to plan a wedding overseas, there's no time," she shared. "I hired a wedding planner to make sure that everything is done exactly to a tee. If I need to I'll be a bridezilla but I'm definitely going to get what I want."

However, Florian threw Darcey a curveball when he finally revealed Georgi would be his best man on their wedding day.

While scouting wedding locations, the couple's wedding planner asked about their plans for a wedding party.

Florian realized that it's time to tell Stacey the truth. "I [have not] told Stacey who is my best man," he admitted. "Everybody [is] going to be upset at me. But, I can't hide it any longer."

"I'm thinking of Georgi," he finally revealed.

"Are you serious?" Stacey asked. "I don't understand. So you're going to choose Georgi? Like that's going to be very weird and awkward and cause unneeded drama."

In a confessional, Stacey foresaw storm clouds on the horizon with Georgi as the best man at her wedding.

"I'm so pissed, but I'm going to keep my cool because I don't want to lose it in front of Danielle," she said. "Florian really chose the wrong place and time to tell me this news. This is f---ed up."

"I can't believe he's doing this to me," she added. "This is f---ed up and I know Florian knows because Georgi brings drama and I don't want that on my wedding day."

However, Florian saw it a different way, explaining, "I'm the groom, and this is my wedding too. Stacey get to choose the maid of honor. I get to choose the best man. It's not okay, it's pissing me off."

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Darcey & Stacey airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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