SPOILER: 'Grey's Anatomy' 's Shocking Finale

Between hook-ups, break-ups, a wedding and two possible deaths, the two-hour Grey’s Anatomy season finale delivered a double dose of strong medicine.

Brain Wash: McDreamy figured out a way get the tumor out of Izzie‘s brain but the procedure could possibly turn her into a vegetable. After a memory test went badly, Meredith and Yang favored chemo but Der told Alex to convince his wife to let him cut. When another cancer patient, who had refused surgery, took a turn for the worse, Izzie turned to George for advice and eventually agreed to surgery, but said she wanted a DNR. Izzie survived the surgery and could recall who and where she was, but has little short-term retention. Alex tried to help her remember with Post-its and repetition, but no progress pushed him to the edge. When he said he possibly regretted marrying her, it wound up being the first new memory she retained. Just as he said, “You’re back,” Izzie started to code. The Chief, Bailey, Alex and Yang ignored her wishes and tried to save her. Viewers were left with an image of Izzie in the dress she was wearing when Denny died on an elevator with a puzzled look on her face.

The Heart of War: A soldier requested that Torres cut off his hurting leg and give him a prosthetic so that he could return to Iraq. It made Hunt think about his unfinished business in the service. He decided to return and asked Yang for her blessing, but she said no. Yang did convince him to visit his mom and she went with him. Meanwhile, the soldier’s passion motivated George to enlist. When he told Bailey, she freaked and blamed Hunt. Yang agreed to join Torres and Bailey and intervene. Unfortunately, they never got the chance to because George wound up being the John Doe who’d been hit by a bus while pulling a woman out of its way. He was critical when Mer discovered his identity and things got worse as his pals tried to save him. His outcome was uncertain as well, but things looked grim as he met Izzie at her elevator in an army uniform.

Love In the Time of Cancer: The gravity of Izzie’s situation made Mer want to go to City Hall because she didn’t want to spend another day not married to Der. But they were too busy to get to a judge, so Deredith wrote vows in the locker room. Yang decided not to hold back either. She met Hunt in the fan room and told him she loved him. He said the words back, promised he was getting healthier and said he would do even better with her by his side.

Forward Thinking: McSteamy asked Lexie to move in with him, but she shot him down. When he tried again, the conversation turned to marriage. She had a more long-term wedding goal than him, which led to awkward exchanges at work. A patient overheard her confrontation and accused him of “being the girl.” Steamy then decided to move on and buy a house anyway.

For the Children: The Chief tried to bribe Bailey to come back to general surgery with a fancy robot surgery system, causing Arizona to go to war with him over Bailey. She invited her to witness the joy of parents finding out their child was going to live. But when she offered the Bailey the fellowship, Bailey dodged her. Arizona questioned how she could turn it down and Bailey explained that her husband said he’d divorce her if she took it. Because ultimatums were a bad sign, she told the Chief she would leave him, be a single mom and do general surgery. The Chief tried to calm her down, saying Tucker could come around. And — you guessed it! — viewers got no closure on this topic either. — Carrie Bell

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