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Updated April 06, 2010 12:00 AM
Adam Larkey/ABC

It’s the end of the road for another couple on Dancing With the Stars.

Keep reading to find out who was eliminated.

He received a hero’s welcome when he made his ballroom debut on March 22, so it was fitting for astronaut Buzz Aldrin to receive a similar sendoff when he was eliminated on Dancing With the Stars Tuesday night. While Aldrin was consistently the lowest-scoring contestant, he was undeniably popular among fans and the cast.

“I did this show for the fighter pilots, the military and the older geezers like me,” Aldrin said on Tuesday’s telecast.

The 80-year-old legend received a standing ovation from the studio audience and a salute from head judge Len Goodman before taking one last spin on the dance floor with his partner, Ashly Costa.

“I knew that we were not going to make it to the end,” Aldrin told PEOPLE after the show. “It was my hope that we’d stay around a little bit longer.”

But now that he’s off the show, he’ll return to his focus, working on “transportation in space for human beings to set destinations that will be inspiring to our young ,” Aldrin said. “They are our future and we need a vibrant aerospace industry.” In his efforts, Aldrin launched his own iPhone app last month to educate on science and space exploration.

A misty-eyed Costa, whose run with Aldrin marked her return to the ballroom after starting a family, said, “It was an honor to be his teacher and my kids will always know that I taught Buzz Aldrin how to dance.”

“I’m sad,” judge Carrie Ann Inaba said. “He was not the best dancer — he certainly can’t do what Evan Lysacek or Nicole Scherzinger can do — but when you bring out an emotional quality in your dance, respond to that. Dance is all about making a connection with . Sometimes you can change ’s emotions and that’s what he did.”

After the show, Dancing host Brooke Burke proudly sported a “Buzz Aldrin” T-shirt over her gown. “He is truly a legend and he commands a lot of respect. One of the things I love about him is the attitude that he tackled this challenge with,” Burke says. “To come out here and compete against that are half his age, I have a lot of admiration for him.”

Just because he’s off the show, don’t think Aldrin won’t be tuning in. “We will be watching, absolutely,” he said. “This was an experience I will never forget.” –Monica Rizzo

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