SPOILER: Desperate Housewives Finale: A Fateful Fishing Trip

The Housewives each had to deal with their own unwelcome surprise on Sunday’s season finale. But the biggest turn of events came for Mike, Katherine, Susan and Dave, whose destinies were changed by one fateful fishing trip. But let’s begin with Lynette…

Lynette Lynette pressured Tom into taking their son Preston on a college tour after he told them he wanted to tour Europe after high school. Later, Tom came home and told Lynette that the campus tour went great — for him. Tom wanted to go back to school and major in… Chinese. Lynette thought the whole thing was ridiculous and decided to sabotage Tom’s chances. The night before Tom had to take the admissions test (which he didn’t know about since Lynette conveniently didn’t tell him until the morning of the exam), Lynette took Tom out for dinner and (a lot of) margaritas. Tom came home hammered and the next day thought he bombed the test. He told Lynette that he wanted to learn Chinese so he could do marketing in foreign markets, and now she felt horrible. She thought he just wanted to learn Chinese for fun.

But Lynette wasn’t feeling horrible for another reason. While Tom, who had found out he passed his college admissions, was out with the kids to celebrate, Lynette thought her cancer had returned and scheduled a doctor’s visit. The prognosis: She was pregnant — with twins. “Are you sure it’s not cancer?” an incredulous Lynette asked. Tom’s response when he was told the news: “What? You can’t? We can’t! We’re old!”

Gaby While Gaby and Carlos weren’t planning on expanding their brood either, they inadvertently welcomed a new member to their family as well. Carlos’s Aunt Connie was dying and her last wish was for Carlos and Gaby to take in her granddaughter Anna. Gaby was completely opposed to the idea, but Carlos convinced her otherwise after explaining that Aunt Connie did saved him and his mother from the streets. Anna’s arrival on Wisteria Lane caused trouble from the get-go. She used her feminine charms to enlist Lynette’s boys to help clean the whole house — and even had them do Juanita’s chores, too. When Gaby objected, saying it was sending the wrong message to her daughters, Anna retorted Gaby was jealous of her because she was no longer young and couldn’t get guys to do her bidding. When Gaby threatened to throw her out, Anna ran ran crying to Carlos, who, of course, sided with Anna.

Bree Meanwhile Bree couldn’t get rid of her unwanted guest — her husband Orson. Orson confronted Bree about staging a home invasion and asked why she would do such a thing. “I want a divorce,” she said. He, however, wanted to work on their marriage, even if it meant sending her to prison for filing a bogus insurance claim for the “robbery.” When Bree told Karl about Orson’s plan, he said he would think of a way to help her. Sure enough, a man came to see Orson, threatened him with bodily harm and strangled him. Orson thought that Bree hired the guy to assault him, but she claimed to have had nothing to do with that. “We may have our differences but I would never hire someone to attack you,” she said. He responded, “I knew it. Now I will stay,” and he brought his suitcase back upstairs. Bree went to confront Karl about he’s so-called help and got an unexpected surprise: Karl professed he found her to be the most fascinating woman that he’d ever met. Bree said that she detested him and fired him on the spot. The two then made out.

Susan Susan went over to Mike and Katherine’s to confront Mike about possibly tipping off the feds about Jackson. That’s when she learned Mike proposed to Katherine and the two were going to Vegas to get married that weekend. Since Susan was going to take MJ for the weekend, they decided to take Dave up on his offer to go fishing. Before he left, Dave gave Mike a tape (of his murder confession), which he said was footage of their band, and told him not to watch it until after his wedding.

While Susan and Dave were driving to the lake, Mike saw what was on the tape and called Susan to warn her. After Susan and MJ tried to make a getaway — and failed — Mike called Dave and tried to reason with him. They reached an agreement, Mike would meet Dave on Canterbury Road — the intersection where Susan and Mike accidentally killed Dave’s wife and daughter — and swap himself for Susan and MJ’s safely. But Dave had other plans. He was going to recreate the accident, so that Mike would end up killing his own son. But Dave started having delusions and thought he was his daughter in the backseat instead of MJ. Mike came speeding around the bend and barreled into Dave’s car. The only person injured turned out to be Dave, who had earlier forced MJ to get out of the car. Mike got out of his car to hug MJ and Susan. Then he and Susan began kissing.

Dave wasn’t killed, no he wound up in a mental hospital.

So what was the shocker? As often is the case with Desperate Housewives, the season finale ended on a celebratory note: Mike’s wedding. Mike kissed the bride, but who was underneath that veil — Katherine or Susan — will be a mystery until next fall. — Liz Berman

Tell us: Who do you think Mike married — Susan or Katherine? What did you think of the season finale?

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