By People Staff
Updated September 16, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

It looks like the move to the Big Apple is going to shake things up at Meade Publications.

The Ugly Betty cast showed up to their season 3 premiere party Monday night at New York City’s Highbar ready to gab about what to expect this upcoming season. The biggest news? Betty will get a new love interest!

America Ferrera told PEOPLE that her character, Betty Suarez, has her eye on an East Village musician (played by Val Emmich), but that her affection is a bit unrequited. Ferrera explained: “What’s really exciting about this is that for the first time it’s not easy for Betty. Have you ever noticed that a million guys are after Betty? So that’s what’s really fun about this relationship. It’s a little bit one-sided.” Another addition to the cast this season is Australian-born hottie Grant Bowler (the doomed freighter captain on last season of Lost), who arrives in episode six to head up MODE magazine … and get hot and heavy with Vanessa Williams’s character Wilhemina Slater in the process. But as is always the case with Ugly Betty, there’s a twist. “He’s got a lot of evil secrets,” Grant revealed, alluding to the fact that his character may be involved with another lady in addition to Wilhemina.

The other (not so) surprising development is the return of Lindsay Lohan (who made an appearance at the bash before dashing off to her mom Dina’s birthday party). One of her first scenes this season will be a messy food fight. But even though Lohan was covered with pizza and milkshakes –in multiple takes, no less –her cast members praised her for being a total professional. Ferrera said of working with Lohan again: “It’s been really good! The character she plays, Kimberly, and Betty have so many fun scenes together. We’ve been out clubbing already! It’s been so fun.” –Stephanie Prommer

Gary Gershoff/WireImage