Spencer Pratt tells PEOPLE Now that he's been hard at work getting his former castmates on board for a reunion of The Hills

By Stephanie Petit
February 06, 2018 11:45 AM

With a Jersey Shore reunion in the works, it only makes sense that fans of another beloved MTV reality show would want to see the series’ cast back together.

In a new interview with PEOPLE Now, Spencer Pratt reveals that almost everyone from The Hills is ready to reunite.

“I am working on The Hills reunion, I’ve gotten everyone on board except for the amazing L.C.,” he says of Lauren Conrad.

But there is still hope — Pratt says Conrad is more open to revisiting Laguna Beach, the show she starred on as a high school student which ultimately led to spin-off, The Hills.

“I think she just would prefer to do a Laguna Beach reunion because she lives in Laguna Beach,” the 34-year-old explains. “It is a beautiful place. It makes sense.”

He also adds, “Maybe we’re just going to have to do a Laguna Beach reunion and a Hills same night combo.”

Pratt recently embarked on an adventure unlike any other: parenthood. He and wife Heidi Montag, who also starred on The Hills, welcomed their first child, Gunner Stone, on Oct. 1.

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“Spencer is such a great dad,” the new mom previously told PEOPLE. “They have an amazing bond.”

And when it comes to milestones for their son, “the first smile was everything,” she said. “He was on the changing table and he looked up and smiled at me. I cried! Now he smiles all the time. I can’t wait for him to start laughing next.”