November 11, 2009 12:00 AM

The Hills has two kinds of girls — those who are boy crazy and those driven crazy by boys. This week’s chapter chronicled the escapades of both types. And between a bar fight, a public dumping and a behind-her-back doctor’s appointment, it wasn’t pretty. –Carrie Bell

Nip/Stuck: Spencer’s puppy plan didn’t work and, after his wife spent time with little Enzo, he and Heidi had another baby brawl. Heidi said now; he wanted 10 years. When he perceived her “what if” comment as a threat, he booked a doctor’s appointment to talk vasectomy. After a quick anatomy lesson and vivid illustrations that made him squirm, he left without getting snipped. This kicked off an even bigger fight as he and Heidi argued about the definition of lying. “You knew I wanted kids when you married me,” Heidi whined. “So sounds like it was the biggest mistake you’ve ever made.”

Take Two: Kristin and Brody seemed inseparable as they started exploring a future together. First, they flirted during a dinner date where she claimed to be “on to the next” in terms of Justin Bobby and worried about Jayde trying to kill her. Brody flirted too, but tellingly said, “It’s good to be single.” Then she tried to convince Stacie — and herself — that she was not the rebound girl. Next up was a visit to Brody’s mom’s place, where mom and KC exchanged compliments and discussed how hard it was for both of them the last time they broke up.

Girl Fight: When the pair hit Playhouse and chose to have a serious discussion about what they’re doing (“hanging out” was the consensus), Brody slid his arm around KC right when Jayde and her bosom buddies strolled in and sat nearby. Her friends talked her into confronting him about being on a break — not broken up. He claimed he was just having drinks with friends and asked KC to stay out of it when she stood up and told Jayde to keep her posse moving. There was more yelling and pushing (and hair-pulling?) before Brody told Jayde her “psycho” behavior is what led to the break. He was at KC’s pad the next morning and worried that the mess was his fault but assured her that he and Jayde were over.

Moving On … Again: Last week’s fight with KC sparked old feelings in Audrina so she requested another face-to-face with Justin Bobby. “It would be amazing if we could work things out,” she said. When he didn’t bite, she made sure to mention Krody and he actually winced. “I shouldn’t be here. By pushing me away, you pushed me to somebody else,” he told her. “Kristin did something different to me. I went somewhere I haven’t gone with somebody before.” Ouch.

Tell us: What did you think of the episode? What does Audrina see in Justin Bobby? Is this the end for them? Do Kristin and Brody make a good couple? Who won the fight?

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