Thomas Ravenel's girlfriend Ashley Jacobs is still upset she wasn't invited to his son's birthday party

After last week’s explosive fight over whether or not Thomas Ravenel‘s girlfriend Ashley Jacobs would attend his son Saint’s birthday party, the big day finally arrived.

On Thursday night’s new episode of Southern Charm, Ravenel and ex Kathryn Dennis reunited to celebrate Saint‘s second birthday — and Jacobs wasn’t happy that she was left off the invite list.

“I was hoping I’d get a chance to go to this birthday party and show her that there’s no threat,” said Jacobs, who added that she was “hurt” after reading a text from Dennis asking Ravenel to keep her away from the kids.

And it’s clear that Ravenel was getting sick of the drama.

“I know that the kids and Kathryn will always be in my life,” he said in a separate interview. “I need to be with somebody who is understanding of that and not critical, jealous and paranoid about it.”

But Jacobs wasn’t letting it go. She told Ravenel she didn’t trust his ex around him, even calling Dennis “evil.”

“I don’t trust her being in a room anywhere I’m not,” she said. “I’m not dealing with a normal person here. I’m dealing with darkness and evil.”

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis
| Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU

On the day of the party, Ravenel, 55, and Dennis, 26, put their issues aside and celebrated their son. The family, along with their daughter Kensie, 4, and the rest of the cast, spent the day finger painting and opening presents at the party.

Both Ravenel and Dennis acknowledged how far they’d come as co-parents. In 2016, Dennis lost custody of their children and entered rehab after she tested positive for drugs.

“I think she has really stepped up as a mom,” said Ravenel. “It’s been amazing watching that transformation and I’m proud of her.”

“I’m very happy that Thomas and I are finally at this pint,” added Dennis. “He seems like he has a new sense of respect for me.”

But the celebration quickly came to an end when Ravenel returned home to Jacobs, who was still angry.

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After Ravenel attempted to explain why Dennis didn’t want her there, Jacobs accused the exes of not being a family.

“I’m sorry, you guys aren’t a family,” she said. “You were never a family. These children weren’t planned on. You weren’t in a relationship when you had them. You guys never were in love! She’s living in a fantasy world.”

And after weeks of trying to remain mutual in the fight, Ravenel finally told Jacobs she needed to back down.

“You need to know, that I’m always going to have a soft spot in my heart for Kathryn and I’m not going to let anything happen to these kids,” he said. “If you disrespect Kathryn, you’re disrespecting me and my kids.”

Over the past couple of weeks, Ravenel, 55, has been accused of sexually assaulting two women, including his children’s former nanny. He has denied the allegations.

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