'Southern Charm' : Did Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs Break Up?

On Instagram, Jacobs wrote that she would not be "addressing rumors or talking about my relationship status to social media at this time"

Have Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs called it quits?

Kate Casey was the first to report the news of a breakup on Friday’s episode of her podcast, Reality Life with Kate Casey. According to Casey, she found out the Southern Charm couple had split while speaking with Jacobs over the phone. (The two have apparently been in touch “a couple of times.”)

“She’s told me that she broke up with him and that she blocked his number, but she’s in this weird position because she changed her licensing or she got licensing to be a nurse in South Carolina and really had come to the conclusion that she was going to set up a new life, away from Santa Barbara, in another state across the country,” said Casey. “She of course did this hoping that she would ultimately be in a loving relationship with someone who has had two children with a woman he never ended up marrying, has served time in prison, and has all these allegations against him. She wasn’t really able to see how that made absolutely no sense. So my strategy was to say things like, ‘Kathryn [Dennis] is not your enemy. Why would you want to be with somebody who has all this chaos in their life?’ ”

“I think it actually started to work,” Casey added. “She’s told me that they’ve broken up, and that she has no intention of getting back together with him and I hope that’s true.”

Neither Bravo nor Jacobs returned PEOPLE’s requests for comment.

However, on Sunday, Jacobs responded to a fan’s comment on Instagram inquiring about the reported breakup, writing: “Sorry for any confusion. I don’t plan on addressing rumors or talking about my relationship status to social media at this time.”

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Jacobs, 33, and Ravenel, 55, have been dating for over a year since meeting in early May 2017. In recent months, their relationship has been thrust into the spotlight after allegations of sexual assault were brought against Ravenel by “nanny Dawn,” who was featured on the show caring for his two children with his ex Dennis: daughter Kensie, 4, and son Saint, 2½. Ravenel is currently under investigation by South Carolina police.

Additionally, real estate agent Ashley Perkins has alleged that Ravenel assaulted her mom Debbie Holloway Perkins after meeting him on Tinder in October 2015 and going on a first date.

Ravenel has denied the accusations through his attorney. While he was not present at the season 5 reunion, a source close to the network told PEOPLE that “no decision has been made yet” about firing him from the reality show.

Jacobs, meanwhile, has been battling her castmates’ spreading of rumors that she’s a paid escort (which she’s denied) and backlash from fans over her feud with Dennis on the Bravo show’s most recent season. Nevertheless, she has staunchly defended Ravenel.

Last month, Jacobs told PEOPLE that while they were keeping their relationship off of social media, she and Ravenel were still together and “doing great.”

“He’s been there for me through times after episodes, the hate I’ve received,” she said. “I’ve cried. I’ve been very sad. My world has really been shaken up a bit. And there are times where he’s just like, ‘I’m coming over because I think you need me right now.’ Or just, ‘I’m going to bring you lunch, I’m going to bring you dinner, I’m worried that the stress has gotten to you or you’re not eating.’ He’s just been a shoulder to cry on. And he’s really stepped up.”

“He is the only person who can really relate with me and has gone through the same experience with me,” she continued. “I can’t really relate to anyone else, not even my family or friends. I get off of work and he’s always my first call. He’s my family. He’s all I have here. It’s made us stronger that way.”

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