Paige DeSorbo Questions 'Southern Charm' 's Naomie Olindo About Her Feelings for Ex Craig Conover

"We were never going to be best friends," Paige DeSorbo told her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, Naomie Olindo, on Thursday's episode of Southern Charm

The Charmers returned home from Frank Lloyd Wright's Auldbrass Plantation and geared up for Friendsgiving on Thursday's episode of Southern Charm.

Austen Kroll called Whitney Sudler-Smith while serving his mom, Patricia Altschul, wine and cheese by the pool to invite them to celebrate the November holiday together at his aunt's house.

Whitney informed Austen he couldn't make it, but Patricia asked if Madison LeCroy or Naomie Olindo would be attending. Austen informed her that his ex Madison didn't receive an invite, but that Naomie would be in attendance.

"Whitney, I can't believe that you're gonna make Naomie go stag to this party," Austen said.

Naomie Olindo, Whitney Sudler-Smith
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Patricia didn't understand and Austen explained that Naomie was Whitney's "latest flame."

"Now if you would just settle down, get married before I kick the bucket," Patricia told her son. "Don't feel pressured but you know, I'm living on borrowed time."


Craig Conover's girlfriend Paige DeSorbo came to town for Friendsgiving while Shep Rose and his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green made some casseroles and banana pudding.

Reflecting on his altercation with Taylor at Auldbrass, Shep told the cameras, "I regret the whole thing."

Taylor told Shep he needed to watch the way he spoke to her around their friends.

Shep Rose, Taylor Ann Green
Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green. Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty (2)

"You just need to be aware when we're around our friends who don't understand how we banter. They view it as, 'Wow, he's really an asshole — and she puts up with that?'" Taylor said. "And it makes me look bad, too."

Shep expressed some willingness to learn. "I don't want people to think that our relationship is a bad relationship because it's not, and so I'm learning on the fly," he said.

Austen's sister Katie helped him make a bourbon prosecco punch and Kathryn Dennis whipped up a family recipe that involved chili sauce, grape jelly and ketchup.

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Naomie arrived at Austen's shortly after Craig and Paige with a squash casserole and salad in hand. The Summer House star was quick to note she didn't like those dishes. After being offered some punch, Paige stated, "I don't know if I like bourbon."

"I would say it's pretty obvious Paige doesn't seem too pleased with me," Naomie said in an on-camera interview.

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While Craig and Austen deep-fried the turkey, Paige chatted with Kathryn.

"Naomie, she's not fooling anyone," Paige told Kathryn. "Like, her walking in today and being like, 'Oh my God, how are you? You look so pretty!' I was just like, 'Hey, like, girl, we're not friends. You're trying to get my boyfriend.'"

Paige claimed she'd acted "like a goddamn peach" towards Naomie and called Naomie "fake nice." Kathryn agreed.

"Thank God you see it," the mother of two said. Kathryn also told Paige she felt like Naomie and Craig were "kind of perfect with each other."

Meanwhile, Naomie told Olivia Flowers that she picked up on a "weird energy" from Paige.

"There really are no feelings," Naomie insisted in regards to how she feels about Craig. "There's nothing there."

Everyone took their seats at the Friendsgiving table outside and Naomie began snapping pictures. "Love, love," she said while taking one of Craig.

"Is this bitch for real?" Paige said under her breath.

Shep took photos of Naomie, Taylor, Katie and Leva Bonaparte with napkins tied around their heads like kerchiefs. Craig called their pilgrim imitation "a great way to get canceled."

"I think it's just me being around that bothers Craig," Naomie said in an on-camera interview.

The group headed inside for dessert, but Naomie asked Paige to talk outside.

Paige DeSorbo Confronts Southern Charm's Naomie Olindo About Whether She Has Feelings for Craig Conover

"I wanted to talk to you because clearly there's a disconnect if you're feeling uncomfortable," Naomie said to Paige.

Paige said Naomie talking to Craig privately at the dog wedding "insinuates that there's feelings there" between the exes. Paige then asked if Naomie thought Craig treated her differently in Paige's presence and Naomie said "yes."

"That also insinuates that you guys have some type of relationship," Paige said. She proceeded to ask, "Do you have feelings for Craig still?"

"No, like not at all," Naomie insisted.

"The optics of it, it looks like you do," Paige asserted, pointing again to the conversation at the dog wedding.

Naomie claimed to Paige that her one-on-one with Craig at the dog wedding "was really more for you." Paige responded by saying that Naomie should've come directly to her in that case.

"You are my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. We were never going to be best friends," Paige added. "It's not like we were going to call each other and be like, 'Let's get coffee.' But I wanted to be able to be with you in settings like this and be like, 'Where did you get those pants?'"

Paige decided they should "be cool" with one another.

"I think you are such a badass," Naomie concluded.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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