'Southern Charm' 's Naomie Olindo Opens Up About Her New Man: 'He's Wonderful'

"I'm very, very happy," Southern Charm star Naomie Olindo tells PEOPLE of her new boyfriend, Charleston-based anesthesiologist Metul Shah.

Naomie Olindo is moving on.

The Southern Charm star debuted her new boyfriend, Charleston-based anesthesiologist Metul Shah, on Instagram last week following her public breakup from costar Craig Conover.

“I’m very, very happy,” Olindo tells PEOPLE. “He’s wonderful.”

The 25-year-old doesn’t want to reveal too much about her newfound bliss, though. “I don’t want to give any details about him, because I want to respect his privacy,” she says.

Which means fans won’t be seeing her doctor beau on the Bravo series anytime soon. “Definitely not,” says Olindo, who doesn’t want to showcase her love life on TV again. “I think I learned that lesson the hard way.”

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Despite a messy split, she and Conover are in a good spot now.

“We definitely both wish each other the best,” Olindo says. “We understand why it didn’t work out, and it’s time to move on and just be happy for each other. It’s a good thing.”

Conover, who dated Olindo for three years before their September breakup, echoed her sentiment. “As long as she stays out of my life, then I’m happy for her,” he told PEOPLE at NBC’s Summer Press Day last week. “I just don’t want her getting involved with anything I’m doing.”

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Conover claims they haven’t really said more than “hi” to each other in recent months, but he was aware that his ex is dating again.

“I knew him before,” the reality star said. “It’s what she wanted. She wanted someone with, like, a very structured job, with a real job. Her making it official was weird, but they had been together for a while.”

Aside from enjoying her new relationship, Olindo plans to spend the summer launching her business and traveling — and “having some fun.”

“I’ve been dying to get out of Charleston, but I couldn’t because I’m in the middle of starting a company, so hopefully if things are running smoothly by June/July, I’ll be able to kind of get away and escape Charleston for a little bit,” she says.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET.

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