Exes Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo come face to face on Thursday's all-new Southern Charm to discuss where their relationship stands, and PEOPLE's got the first look at their explosive back and forth

By Dave Quinn
April 26, 2018 10:00 AM

Exes Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo come face to face on Thursday’s episode of Southern Charm to discuss where their relationship stands, and PEOPLE’s got the first look at their explosive back-and-forth.

The Bravo reality stars from Charleston, South Carolina, ended their relationship after nearly three years last year; Olindo, 25, revealed back in September that the two had gone their separate ways but were “still great friends.”

But when they meet on Thursday’s episode, Conover proposes the two try things again.

“We’re so nice to each other when we’re texting. And then when we do see each other, we can’t help but fight. But if you wanted to get back together, I would love that,” the 29-year-old tells Olindo, adding that he’s been working on stepping up his work ethic — a problem that was one of the sticking points that lead to their breakup. “I can do a lot more. I’m getting a life coach because I want to be more productive. I don’t want to stay up as late as I do and wake up as late as I do.”


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That idea doesn’t sit well with Olindo, who explains that she can’t just reconcile with Conover unless she sees the change for herself.

“If you’re really, really, really going to change your lifestyle and get help, that’s amazing. But I can’t get back together with you until I see,” she says. “I’m not just going to base getting back together off of your words, because I’ve based everything off of your words and it didn’t work [before]. I spent three years with you telling me all this b—— and it made me cling on to something that wasn’t there.”


Conover couldn’t help but laugh at Olindo’s suggestion that he did nothing over the past three years.

“I said I was going to graduate law school, I graduated law school. I said I was going to take and pass the bar, I got into the top 93rd percentile in the entire country. I said I was going to buy a rental property, I bought a rental property,” he quips. “So those are three big life accomplishments that I did. So tell me the things I said I was going to do that I didn’t do.”

His question gets a sassy answer from Olindo. “You were going to get up in the morning and be a productive member of society,” she says — a comment Conover calls “attacking.”

She’s not done there, though. “I cannot live my life the way that you live your life,” Olindo says. “You’re all talk, no action.”

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Frustrated, Conover turns his own anger towards Olindo.

“All right cool, then we’re not getting back together. It’s simple,” he says. “You’re not going to even try? You only focus on the negative. Look at that tone. You want to quit this relationship. You want to p— out and you don’t want to try. That is awful. ‘Cause you’re trying to convince yourself not to be with me.”

“Okay then we’re not together,” he continues. “Then why are we even doing this? I tried to give you a chance.”

Olindo is confused. “To give me a chance?” she asks.

“Yes!” Conover responds, before the scene cuts off.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.