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June 27, 2016 04:55 PM

Southern Charm‘s third season has seen its fair share of drama – from Craig Conover’s ill-timed confrontation of Whitney Sudler-Smith to the dinner party that ended before the salads were even served. But one thing that was consistent? Landon Clements‘ and Kathryn Dennis‘ ongoing feud.

In a sneak peek at part 1 of the reunion, tensions are just as high as when cameras left the battling beauties at the Founder’s Day Ball in the finale.

Clements admits that she regrets and apologizes for not inviting Dennis to Shep Rose‘s birthday party, but Dennis doesn’t let things lie there.

Clements insists she withheld the invite because of unresolved issues from their altercation last season, explaining to Dennis: “After we did the reunion you went on this nasty Twitter spree and said all kinds of awful things about me.”

Dennis snaps back, “That’s because you went on the trip to Valentine’s Days that Thomas and I planned for each other.”

Things go from bad to worse when Thomas Ravenel jumps in to defend Clements, saying he and Dennis were separated when Clements (who slept in another room) joined him on the trip.

Dennis isn’t convinced: “I know it happened. You f— everything that you see.”

Clements claps back, “No I don’t, Kathryn. You f—ed everyone on this sofa.”

As if that’s not enough drama, Dennis is pummeled with questions over the paternity of her baby boy, Clements talks her rejection from Rose and of course the latest dinner party from hell is given some attention.

“You looked dangerous to me, I mean that’s almost unforgivable,” Rose says to Ravenel in a second sneak peek clip.

Southern Charm airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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