'Southern Charm' : Kathryn Dennis Admits She's Started Drinking Again After Years of Sobriety

Kathryn Dennis defended herself against claims that she was under the influence during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live

Kathryn Dennis is opening up about what sobriety means to her now, revealing that while she doesn’t do drugs, she does drink alcohol.

During the Southern Charm reunion on Wednesday night, Dennis admitted that she’s started drinking again nearly three years after going to rehab.

“I don’t smoke weed,” she told host Andy Cohen when he asked about the state of her sobriety. “I don’t do anything illegal like that.”

When Cohen pushed and asked if she drinks, Dennis nodded. Though she did not specify when she started drinking again, she assured the group that she has it under control.

“It’s not like I’m drinking, though, going out and partying by any means,” she added.

Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Her sobriety came under question as the group discussed her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. During the show, many fans commented on Dennis’ demeanor and accused her of slurring her words.

“You looked uncomfortable or a little spaced out or something,” said castmate Craig Conover, while Cameran Eubanks added, “It was very uncomfortable to watch. She looked like something was the matter.”

Dennis denied being under the influence and attributed any discomfort to nerves surrounding her ongoing custody battle with ex Thomas Ravenel.

“There is so much going on with my legal stuff with Thomas, and having to edit and tailor everything you say 24/7 just to protect yourself is really, really stressful,” she said.

Things got especially tense when Austen Kroll challenged Dennis about comments she made about him on the show. When she appeared confused, he accused her of having no memory of her time on WWHL.

“It doesn’t seem like you remember even being there,” he said.

“Don’t ever think for a f—— second you’re going to come after me and my sobriety,” she shot back. “You better back the f— up.”

In 2016, Dennis — who shares daughter Kensie, 5, and son Saint, 3, with Ravenel — lost full custody of her children and entered rehab after testing positive for marijuana. Ravenel was awarded full custody at the time.

In October, she filed documents in Charleston seeking to obtain primary custody of the two children after Ravenel was arrested and charged with assault and battery in the second degree. Ravenel has denied all the allegations.

Kathryn Dennis/ Instagram

Earlier this week, Dennis and Ravenel were awarded joint temporary custody of their two children. The judge’s temporary ruling designed Ravenel as the children’s primary legal custodian, Ravenel’s attorney, Kelley Andrews-Edwards, told PEOPLE.

“[Dennis] now has every other long weekend with a midweek overnight,” Andrews-Edwards explained. Prior to the ruling, she said Dennis and Ravenel had joint physical custody on a “week on week off basis.”

The second part of the Southern Charm reunion airs next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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