Southern Charm's Austen Kroll Says He 'Lost It' After Seeing John Pringle Hit on Madison LeCroy

"I'm sitting right here, and you're in my house, and you're telling her that you're kind of into her?" Austen Kroll said on Thursday's episode

Southern Charm
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John Pringle may be the new guy, but he's already ruffling some feathers amongst the Southern Charm cast.

On Thursday's episode of the Bravo reality show, John found himself in the hot seat after he openly hit on Madison LeCroy — in front of her boyfriend Austen Kroll.

"When I met you, I was like, 'She's smoking hot. That's who I'd date,'" John said to Madison during a night out before turning to Austen and admitting, "I didn't respect your relationship, I'm sorry."

But the situation apparently escalated once the cameras stopped rolling and the group was back at Austen's house.

"[John] was whispering in my ear, like, 'I'm just conflicted about my relationship with Austen and how I feel about you,'" Madison recalled while talking to Kathryn Dennis, Leva Bonaparte and Danni Baird the next day.

Austen, meanwhile, said he overheard John make the comments to Madison and "lost it."

"I'm sitting right here, and you're in my house, and you're telling her that you're kind of into her?" he recounted to Craig Conover. "I f---ing lost it. She didn't get a chance to say anything because I jumped down his throat."

Austen, 33, promptly stood up and kicked John out of the house.

"Pringle stood up and he was like, 'Don't you ever f---ing talk to me, boy,'" said Kathryn, who was also present at the time.

"He used his dad voice on him so hard," said Madison. "I was like, 'Austen, sit down. We're not doing this!'"

Still, "I do think it's awesome that Austen is standing up and being like, 'Shut up, dude,'" she added. "I like that."

And while Madison, 31, said she wished the incident hadn't happened, she couldn't help but be "flattered" by John's words.

"I loved it," she said during a confessional interview. "I was like, 'Now I'm going to just sit back and watch them fight for me.'"

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As for John, he admitted that he does in fact like Madison and that this wasn't the first time he had overstepped into someone else's relationship.

"There's a lot of drama that comes with Madison that I'm seeing," he said during a confessional interview. "I kind of have a problem with telling guys I like their girlfriends."

Though Madison and Austen have had an on-off relationship over the years, John's plan to try and come between them might be a hopeless mission.

"I don't know if Pringle put the fear of God in him or something, but he's been wonderful," Madison said of her relationship with Austen. "He really has nothing to worry about."

Southern Charm airs Thursdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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