By People Staff
October 20, 2008 12:00 AM
Robert Voets/CBS

Brooke and Marisa, the pink-clad, self-described southern belles, were sent packing from The Amazing Race Sunday, leaving seven teams racing to the finish line. Brooke, 24, and Marisa, 22, back in their native Columbia, S.C., caught up with PEOPLE by phone Monday to talk about what they learned along the way, what you didn’t see on television and keeping up with a galaxy of new Facebook friends. — Nicholas White

What did you learn about each other during The Amazing Race?Brooke: I think we learned to trust each other better. Marisa: Definitely trust and communication. For me, I thought Brooke was a very girly girl. She definitely proved me wrong by sleeping in the jungle, and on the concrete in Bolivia. We learned that there is more to us than going out and shopping, the normal things we do here in Columbia.

Who on the Race was unfriendly?M: We had that impression at first of Kelly and Christy, because they were the only other all-female team. They did stick to themselves. They didn’t really become great friends with anybody else. But after the show, we’re great friends. Everybody is very competitive when you’re in it to win money!

What troubles did you have that we didn’t see?M: When we were in New Zealand, Brooke and I had this great idea. B: We were already getting lost a lot. It was really confusing. It took us forever. M: We thought, “Let’s call a cop and follow him to Gulf Harbor, and get there 1-2-3.” We ended up waiting for 45 minutes and the cop never showed up. There was a lot of stuff they didn’t show. They didn’t show us in the car fall asleep while Brooke was driving. Everything we did that day just did not go our way.

Which teams do you still talk to?B: We keep in touch with Steph and Anthony quite often. I even talk to Kelly and Christy. M: I talk to Dan a lot, just about three or four times a week! B: A couple of us got together and watched the second episode. We got each other’s email addresses, also through Facebook. Everyone gives each other updates. It’s just cool to see all the fans that were watching us. That was a very good feeling. When I woke up this morning and checked Facebook, we had all these writing about much they loved us. I was crying last night. People liked us. That’s what we wanted. A lot of from other countries contact us. M: And a lot of young boys too!

What’s your advice to future teams?M: I would go back and do it again now that I know what happened. I think the game is merely luck. You have to be physically fit. Make sure you have a very small backpack! B: Practice running around with your backpack. Sometimes it comes down to whether you have a good taxi driver or not. A lot of other teams researched airports and other countries, and all this detail. Brooke and I didn’t do any of that. I worked right up until we left. It was hard for us to prepare. M: We studied different team strategies. We watched pretty much all the seasons. We took notes about what to do and what not to do.

What’s next for you two?M: I graduate from the University of South Carolina in December, so I’m looking for jobs now. Everything is kind of hectic. I don’t see myself moving to L.A. or New York. I just want to stay in South Carolina. I’ll move to the beach. B: I had to quit my job to do the Race. When I got back, I had to look for another one. I’ve not been doing too much since then. I’m back working again, graphic design for a different company, so everything is back to normal. I want to move to New York. I always used to say I wanted to be in front of the camera, but I would love to work behind the scenes in television. Seeing how production works, I really loved it. Robert Voets/CBS