Sophie Turner Celebrates 'Game of Thrones' Finale (and Vapes!) in Epic Photo: 'The Pack Survives'

Game of Thrones came to end with a controversial finale episode on Sunday night

Sophie Turner is a proud member of the Stark family.

The actress celebrated the finale episode of Game of Thrones on Monday by sharing an epic behind-the-scenes photo from their final day of shooting.

In the photo, the three stark siblings — Arya Stark (Maisie Williams), Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) and Sansa Stark (Turner) — are seen sitting by one another at the meeting of all the great houses in Westeros.

But the picture, taken during a break from filming, shows the iconic characters surrounded by a few out-of-place items. Williams is seen wearing sunglasses, while Wright bares his legs while balancing a water bottle on his head. Turner, meanwhile, is seen smoking a juul vape.

“The pack survives,” she captioned the shot, giving a nod to the ending.

As GoT fans now know, the Stark pack did survive the series finale, with Turner’s character ultimately ruling the North as an independent state.

Meanwhile, Bran became king of the Six Kingdoms, Arya went off exploring on her own, and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was sent North of the Wall as a member of the Night’s Watch to lead the Wildlings back to their own land.

The quote is the same phrase Turner tattooed on her arm last year.

The tattoo, located on the back of her arm, features a dire wolf (House Stark’s symbol) with Ned Stark’s words written underneath.

Last June, Turner, 23, appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden where she was asked about her then-new ink and whether it was giving away answers to the final season. The actress, however, insisted that it was just a quote she liked.

Helen Sloan/HBO

“When I was getting it done, people advised me not to because it looked like I was giving everything away,” Turner revealed. “But I wasn’t! It’s just a quote from last season, but everyone figures that the pack really does survive, but it’s just a moral that I like to live by.”

Ahead of the long-awaited finale of HBO’s hit series on Sunday, Turner said a final farewell to Sansa and thanked her character and the show for the past decade of filming.

“Sansa, Thank you for teaching me resilience, bravery and what true strength really is,” Turner began the heartfelt tribute on Instagram. “Thank you for teaching me to be kind and patient and to lead with love.”

“I grew up with you. I fell in love with you at 13 and now 10 years on.. at 23 I leave you behind,” the star continued. “But I will never leave behind what you’ve taught me.”

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