'Modern Family' Matchmaker! Sofia Vergara Met Fiancé Joe Manganiello Through Her Costar Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Ferguson explained how he introduced the two on The Late Late Show with James Corden

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/VF14/Wireimage

Turns out Jesse Tyler Ferguson is quite the Cupid!

The Modern Family actor appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday and revealed the story of how he helped link up his costar Sofia Vergara with her fiancé Joe Manganiello.

“I’ve never talked about it I was waiting for them to say it and then they finally sort of mentioned that I was the one who put them together, so now I will admit that I helped with that,” Ferguson said.

“I knew Joe through people and we had done benefits together, and I knew Sofia from working with her, and we were at a party together and I just introduced them,” explained the actor, 39. “I said: ‘Have you ever met Sofia?’ and of course Joe was like, ‘Mmm!’ ” recalled Ferguson.

“And then when she broke up with her fiancé at the time, [Nick Loeb], Joe – like immediately, the moment it was out in the world – called me and was like: ‘I need her number,’ ” Ferguson continued. “And then I called Sofia and I was like: ‘Can I give Joe your number?’ And she was like, ‘Ay, no!’ – but like, wanting me to give the number – like, ‘Oh no, you go ahead, okay, okay.’ And so I did the number exchange and he took over from there!”

Ferguson’s account – which featured a hilariously accurate Vergara impression – had host James Corden doubled over with laughter.

“But yeah, so I’m hoping they thank me at the wedding!” quipped Ferguson.

Vergara, 43, and Manganiello, 38, got engaged on Dec. 25, 2014 after nearly six months of dating.

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The actress confirmed at the 2015 Emmys to E!’s Ryan Seacrest that the happy couple will tie the knot in November.

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