March 29, 2018 05:37 PM

We’re thinking Sofia Vergara has summertime on the brain.

Year before the acclaimed actress landed her starring role on ABC’s Modern Family, the Colombia native worked as a professional model, including sporting itty bitty bikinis for cameras.

To celebrate #ThrowbackThursday, Vergara shared a stunning picture on Instagram from her modeling days more than two decades ago — when the brunette beauty was a blonde!

“#tbt the 90’s Miami🙈☀🐬🌴” she captioned a sizzling shot of herself posing in a black-and-white string bikini on a beach under the Miami sun.

Now that the mother of one is in a different season of life, she is leaning into the idea of aging gracefully.

Last year, she proudly posed nude on the cover of a major magazine at age 45.

Matthias Vriens-McGrath

“Here’s a woman, 45, being able to show her body. It’s not like before, when it was just young girls who would make the cover of a magazine,” she told Women’s Health.

“I’m 45. Even if you want to, at this time in your life, you can’t be perfect,” Vergara told Women’s Health. “It’s not that you hate it, or that you’re upset about it, but it is our reality. We’re changing. I see it happening to me.”

“I want to look my age, but I want to look great. I think if you are obsessed with this ‘I want to look younger’ thing, you’re going to go crazy,” she said.  “People say, ‘Oh, you look like you’re in your twenties.’ Well, it’s not true. Our skin is different. I had never thought of the word ‘pore,’ then I’m like, ‘S—! What do I do with these?’ ”

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