Sofia Carson on 'Descendants 2' Costars Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty Dating: 'There Was Definitely Chemistry'

"She's very happy, so we're all happy she's happy," Carson tells PEOPLE about Cameron

News of Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty dating might have come as a surprise to Descendants 2 fans, but Sofia Carson was in on the secret.

Speaking with PEOPLE Now, the actress reveals that she knew about the costars’ relationship from the beginning — and the chemistry between them was obvious.

“Absolutely, from the very beginning, there was definitely chemistry there. And she’s very happy, so we’re all happy she’s happy,” says Carson, 24.

Carson adds: “It was secret to everyone else but me. For a while, it was a secret that she wanted to keep. It was also kind of obvious. She was trying to keep it a secret, but it was very obvious as well.”

Sofia Carson
Bennett Raglin/WireImage

And does Doherty, 21, have Carson’s stamp of approval?

“As long as she’s happy, I’m happy is what I always say,” Carson says about 21-year-old Cameron.

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Though being a starlet in Hollywood can be difficult for some to maintain privacy while on the dating scene, Carson says that she hasn’t had an issue with it — but that’s because privacy is a priority for her.

“It’s been okay so far,” she says about her own dating life. “I go out on dates and I date. I think the key is, for me, keep privacy. I think it’s easier than you would think to keep things private. The second you post a photo, then you’re obviously announcing to the world,” she says.

Carson adds: “But I think privacy is really important to me. So my relationships, my friendships, I like to keep very private, just so it’s just for me.”

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