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August 05, 2010 01:00 AM

After last week’s double elimination, the final four took to the stage to fight for their place in the So You Think You Can Dance finale next week. The dancers were paired with two all stars and each performed two separate routines with styles ranging from African jazz to the season’s first Viennese waltz. Season 7 – with all its surprises and injuries – has proven to be unpredictable, so nobody’s spot in the competition is guaranteed. Also, for the first time all season the eliminated dancer will be determined solely by votes. PEOPLE spoke with the top 4 after the show and got their take on their performances and the final elimination before the season finale. –Mussarat Bata

Lauren Froderman: The injury curse made her the de facto top female of the season, but Froderman plans on proving she deserves to be in the finale. “I love being able to say I was the top girl,” she said after the performance. “However, Ashley was injured and that’s the reason why she had to leave.” After being in the bottom three for the first time last week, Froderman had to step up, and her first routine, an Argentine tango with all star Pasha, absolutely mesmerized Mia Michaels. Then, a seductive jazz number with Ade made Adam Shankman want to hire her on the spot. Both of her duets required a sexy, vixen-like quality that the young dancer knows she acquired throughout the competition. “If they would have given me the two dances they gave me tonight in the first week I would have crashed and burned,” she said.

Kent Boyd: Being in the top four is a far cry from dancing in cornfields in Wapakoneta, Ohio, and being the season’s frontrunner is an even more surreal existence for fan favorite Boyd. “I’m not from the best studio, I’m not training with the best, I’m not from a place where there’s so much opportunity,” he told PEOPLE after the show. “I just want to let know you don’t have to come from there. I feel like it really is inspirational to anyone.” Even though his disco was argued over by the judges, and was a “low” in Boyd’s eyes, his contemporary duet with Neil brought Michaels to tears and was the best number of the show, according to Nigel Lythgoe. While Boyd has been immune to the bottom three all season, he hasn’t been oblivious to the difficulties in the competition. “I feel like I have been in the bottom three which is so weird,” he said. “Every Thursday you just mentally prepare yourself to be in the bottom. Anything can happen.”

Adechike Torbert: While Torbert has been on a steady rise for the past few weeks, his performances Wednesday night didn’t measure up to what the judges have come to expect of him. “At this point in the competition it doesn’t really matter,” he said. “If I go home now … if I go home next week, it doesn’t mater. It’s about the journey and that’s what means the most to me.” His first performance, an African Jazz dance with all star Lauren, only provided a base for him to build on and left all of the judges (including guest Tyce Diorio) wanting more. Even though he was told to really deliver in his second piece, the judges were, again, unenthusiastic. “No matter what the outcome, I’m happy,” he said in response to their criticism. “I’m just grateful to have this opportunity, just to be associated with the show is an honor.”

Robert Roldan: He’s been called everything from the dark horse to the prince of the season, but he’s hoping to add winner to that list of names. “Whatever happens happens … but hopefully I’ll go to the finale,” he said. “I’m starting to believe I can do it. It’s so close, and I want it so bad, so hopefully I’m there.” His Viennese waltz, a traditionally unexciting dance, with Anya made Michaels want to watch it over and over because it was so beautiful. Lythgoe even went so far as to say that Roldan danced some ballroom steps better than his partner. His hip-hop routine with Dominic was “everything and a bag of chips,” according to Diorio. Still, Roldan knows his spot in the finale isn’t guaranteed. “I’m never going to expect anything. I’m never going to think I’m on top,” he said. “When Kat said I was safe I was blown away. I was in shock. I didn’t know what to do.”

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