'So You Think You Can Dance' : Top 14 Perform

The routines are getting longer and better as So You Think You Can Dance draws closer to the top 10, and a spot on the summer tour. Because it's anybody's game with this group, one missed step can make the difference for a top couple like Randi and Evan, who may be close to the bottom three after a not so groovy Broadway routine Austin Powers would approve of.

Mia Michaels was back on the judges' panel, after her harsh comments in Vegas directed towards Brandon. And host Cat Deeley wasn't letting her off the hook, asking right away if her opinions had changed. "Without naming names, my opinions have changed for the better," Michaels said.

The awkward moment over, Brandon and Janette performed an unforgettable cha cha by Sean-Marc Genereux and his wife France set to the Pussycat Dolls "Hush Hush; Hush Hush." Finally in their own styles, it was a disco-fabulous, tight and technical routine that had them looking like pros. Nigel praised it as the "best damn cha cha I have ever seen on this show."

More top routines came from new couple Kayla and Kupono, who did a dark contemporary homage to vampire romances, and Jeanine and Phillip, who were chained together for a phenomenal hip-hop number by Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo aptly set to "Love Lockdown" by Kanye West. Melissa and Ade also shined in the show's first classical ballet piece, a version of Romeo & Juliet‘s love scene choreographed by Thordal Christensen.

New couple Karla and Vitolio, who lost their partners Asuka and Jonathan last week, kicked things off with a quick step to "Puttin' on the Ritz" by Rufus Wainwright that earned great marks from the judges.

But where some rise others fall — like Jason and a tinfoil dinosaur Caitlin, who performed an alien love story that was so out of this world, it made the "WTF" section of the SYTYCD X-files.

Nigel announced that on the 100th episode of SYTYCD, airing July 23, Katie Holmes will perform an homage to Judy Garland choreographed by Tyce Diorio for the Dizzy Feet Foundation. — Jed Dreben

Tell us: Who was your favorite of the night? Who is in danger of going home?

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