By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 06:25 PM
Credit: Fox

After fielding criticism week after week on what the judges called his “immaturity,” Nathan Trasoras, the 18-year-old contemporary wiz from Downey, Calif., gave it his all right up until the end. An early favorite, who sadly was unable to mend his relationship with America after comments he made on stage, became the first male dancer to be cut from So You Think You Can Dance‘s illustrious top 10. Trasoras spoke to reporters the day after his elimination and answered questions about all that negative feedback from the judges, what he took away from his SYTYCD experience and why he’d love to be Broadway bound. –Jed Dreben

Were you surprised to find yourself in the bottom two last night?No. I wasn’t the smoothest through the competition and I thought that I deserved to be in the bottom. And I thought that first week where I got saved, I should have been in the bottom in the first place also. I expected it because I could have done better.

Nigel was very tough on you this season. Do you wish he would have lightened up or do you understand where he was coming from?I understood where he was coming from. I pick up corrections really well, so if he does have criticism, I’ll fix it right away … Things could be handled better but you never know, and it was wrong on my part to say some of the stuff I said. He’s basically making me grow up and it’s tough love. I’m 18, so I finally have to experience this.

Do you have any advice for your former partner Mollee Gray, who has also been criticized for being immature?She should take the corrections, but at the same time, don’t let it bring her down because I felt like during this competition I was kind of brought down a little. But of course you’re going to feel that way. You just got to keep your chin up and keep on working hard.

Since you’re so young and given how many times the judges criticized your immaturity, do you ever wish you had waited a couple years to compete?I don’t wish that I went later because this show actually sped up my process of learning. Now that I know that I had done some stuff wrong, I can finally take advantage of the fact that I was corrected for it and apply it when I audition.

What are some things you did learn while on the show?I really learned that I have a love for ballroom now, when it comes down to it. It’s a big world out there for ballroom and I didn’t know that. I was always more into the competition for contemporary and jazz, and I didn’t know there was another world of ballroom. Now I want to start pursuing that.

You did great with Broadway.I love having my doors open. If there is a job where I get to do Broadway, I would love to do that because Broadway is very pleasant to do and it’s always nice not to be so serious and just like have a good time. It’s always nice to entertain and that’s part of being a performer. So if I get offered a Broadway job, I’ll take it!

What else is next for you?I’m going to stay in L.A. I love L.A. It’s nice weather first of all, and a lot of friends are from L.A. and I know a lot of choreographers, so I think it would be the best lifestyle to live in.

Do you have any final thoughts on your experience?If have criticism, don’t take it too hard and also just keep working hard no matter what. I am young and it’s always good to grow. You always make mistakes and you have to always be willing to change it.