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August 13, 2010 01:00 AM

Millions of viewers watched Snooki proposition her roommate, Vinny, Thursday night on Jersey Shore. But only one is fighting mad.

Emilio Masella, Snooki’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, was so angry about last night’s show that he called PEOPLE to vent. “I felt so embarrassed,” says Masella, who was dating Snooki at the time that the episode was filmed. “I was at a bar and to see that in front of so many , I was really hurt.”

Not to mention enraged.

“Vinny is lucky he’s not in the Jersey Shore this week. I would confront him in person,” says Masella. “I called the house last night and asked for him. He hung up on me. I called back and he put me on with Jenni and she screamed, ‘I’ll call the cops if you call again.'”

Though Masella assumes production won’t let him near his intended target, TV Watch wondered what a brawl between the two might look like:

Vinny Guadagnino:
Height: About 5’9″
Build: Medium. “I don’t follow those rules at all,” he’s said of his gym-loving roommates’ GTL routine. “I can see it if it was basketball, pool, beach.”

Emilio Masella:
Height: Short. He’s only got a few inches on Snooks, who has said she’s 4’10”.
Build: Juicehead. He’s Snooki’s desired type–and much bigger than Vinny. “He’s a mama’s boy,” adds Masella. “He’s a p—y.”

In lieu of a physical battle, the jilted beau said he got back at Snooki after last night’s episode. “I ended up getting laid last night in revenge,” he says.

Would he consider reuniting with Snooki? In true Jersey Shore style, he still isn’t ruling it out. “It would take a lot,” he says. “But you never know, It’s definitely possible. Anything’s possible.” – Rennie Dyball and Lesley Messer

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