Saturday Night Live
December 20, 2015 09:45 AM

Hoverboards are the hottest gift of the season – literally. Just ask the cast of Saturday Night Live.

The cast poked fun at the wildly popular hoverboards, which have come under recent scrutiny after reports of fires and explosions.

But no publicity is bad publicity, right? In a spoof commercial for the popular two-wheeled motorized skateboards (yes, they don’t actually hover), the cast billed the items as “the hottest gift of the holiday season.”

“And now they’re literally the hottest because they also explode!” a voiceover says in the spoof commercial. “It could be plugged in, you could be riding it or it could just be sitting there!”

The skit featured multiple people enjoying the hoverboards, even after they erupted in flames. The skit praised hoverboard’s ban from streets and sidewalks in some cities, noting that “they’re perfect for riding in your house.”

The skit didn’t exclude the elder members of the family. A grandfather is seen enjoying the mini-scooter as well, despite the flames blazing around his legs.

In recent months, the popular hoverboards have been no laughing matter to safety officials across the country. Fire marshals across the United States are issuing warning gets the motorized scooters amid reports of fires and explosions, The New York Times reports.

The Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission has logged 29 emergency room visits and 11 reports of fires across 10 states, the Times reports.

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