Sample lines include "This is not a feminist song/We tried real hard but it took too long" and "So instead of writing lyrics/Here's us running in the sand"

Credit: Source: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Whatever you think of Saturday Night Live‘s “This Is Not a Feminist Song,” which debuted on this weekend’s Ariana Grandehosted episode, we can all agree: It is incredibly catchy.

The anthemic anti-anthem – in honor, one assumes, of this year’s International Women’s Day last week – saw all of the cast’s female members, plus Grande, singing and sharing and clapping along to lines like “This is not a feminist song/We tried real hard but it took too long” and “So instead of writing lyrics/Here’s us running in the sand.”

Not that they don’t support women. There are so many women to support! How could you even fit them all into a song, let alone a music video?

Still, even in the course of singing about their struggles trying and failing to write a gorgeous and great feminist anthem, the cast realized they were being pretty feminist anyway with this “tough and tricky landmine of a song.”

So they kept going – whatever the unintended subtext or mixed message, whoever they forgot to include and however you ended up feeling about that one random shot of an old woman’s hands. (Not that she’s just old, or just her hands!)