'SNL' Mocks Donald Trump Supporters with 'Racists for Trump' Campaign Ad

They look just like ordinary, everyday voters ... until you look a little closer


Donald Trump: Decisive, successful, outsider-y. And somehow strangely attractive to white racists, according to Saturday Night Live.

The sketch show joked about the appeal of the GOP presidential frontrunner on this weekend’s episode, by tossing a bunch of its cast in a fake campaign ad, where between their daily racist lives of book-burning and fear-mongering they talked soothingly of Trump’s “winning” style.

Trump has recently faced some controversy for the manner in which he disavowed an endorsement from David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Klu Klux Klan; and January polling data showed that nearly 20 percent of his supporters did not approve of freeing slaves.

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Back in the SNL skit: “I don’t know what it is, I just like the guy,” says the guy who just painted “White Power” on a building.

“Some of his ideas seem a little out there, but I like that he’s looking toward solutions,” says the woman who has mapped the world according to its “secret Muslims.” (Including Steve Harvey and Caitlyn Jenner.)

And this, finally, from the firewood-carrier at a KKK cross-burning: “Why do I support Trump? Three words: Good. At. Business.”

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