"I really want to be able to poke fun at most people there,"says Strong

By Emily Strohm
April 24, 2015 03:35 PM
David Livingston/Getty

Cecily Strong works with big-name stars every week as a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, but none of the A-list talent she’s encountered on the show have made her as nervous as she is about her next big gig, hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, April 25.

“I keep going between ‘I’m so excited’ and then ‘I’m so nervous’ and then going back to being so honored and humble,” she tells PEOPLE. “I just don’t even know where I stand this second.”

While Strong is only the fourth woman to host the Washington, D.C., Nerd Prom – and one of the youngest at just 31 – the Illinois native says her comedic strategy for the evening is simple.

“I really want to be able to poke fun at most people there, and I think there is lots of material to choose from,” she says. “Right now I have like 20 pages of jokes I’m going in with.”

Despite that fact that no one in the room will be safe from Strong’s jabs, she says she won’t be hitting too far below the belt.

“In the end it’s just going to be what’s funniest,” she says. “That’s the number-one most important thing to me. Honestly, if a joke is really, really mean or particularly nasty, then it’s not funny to me.”

As for her post-hosting plans? Strong will head to the nearest bar.

“I’ll probably look like I ve just seen a ghost,” she says. “But then I’m going to immediately have a drink. I usually go for vodka, but I may do champagne for the occasion. I have friends and lots of family coming, so we’ll have a good time.”

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