April 16, 2017 08:18 AM

In addition to Saturday Night Live’s regularly scheduled mockery of the Trump administration, this week’s Jimmy Fallon-hosted episode fit in jabs at United Airlines and Pepsi as well.

One sketch managed to rip both humiliated companies. It started out silly enough: Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong played a couple whose date gets interrupted by Fallon, playing Strong’s ex who thinks the best way to win her back is singing Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply” while wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with her face. When he finally gets down on one knee, Fallon’s character gets the ultimate rejection: “No, Doug! You dragged a man off a plane this week,” says Strong, implying they broke up because he was responsible for United’s controversial removal of a passenger by force.

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Rejected, Fallon leaves, and Strong apologizes to Bennett and asks him to tell her more about himself, to which he replies, “Well, I just directed this huge Pepsi commercial…”

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Melissa McCarthy also mocked United when she brought back her Sean Spicer impersonation on Saturday’s episode, and during the Weekend Update, Colin Jost said the airline’s slogan, “Fy the friendly skies,” is as inappropriate as if Chipotle’s were, “You’re gonna have an easy time on the toilet.”

SNL’s nationwide live broadcasts continue May 6.

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