They appeared alongside Kate McKinnon's Hillary for a magical night of advice and break-dancing
Credit: Saturday Night Live

A funny thing about the space-time continuum is that on some special episodes of Saturday Night Live it will deliver to us two versions of Hillary Clinton and a Sarah Palin, all in the same sketch.

Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reprised their famous versions of the politicians, appearing as advisers to a 2015 Clinton (Kate McKinnon) on Christmas Eve.

Poehler, as ’08 Clinton, mostly warned other Hillary not to be cocky before the election, while being warned about things like her email and Benghazi. (“Who’s Ben Gazi?”)

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Palin, meanwhile, was a just a little bamboozled by the whole thing.

Palin wondered: after they all ran for president together – so fun! – didn’t Clinton have to find work as a secretary? And how is that sweet old man John McCain?

Then of course she delivered one of her signature policy speeches, about men and Americans and evil teachers’ evil liberal books.

With everyone all together, it was just as much fun as 2008 was the first time around.