'SNL' Spoofs The Bachelor with the Cringeworthy Beard Hunk

If you thought The Bachelor was uncomfortable, just wait until you see Saturday Night Live's spoof of the ABC reality show, Beard Hunk

This article originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.

If you thought The Bachelor was uncomfortable, just wait until you see Saturday Night Live‘s spoof of the ABC reality show, Beard Hunk.

In the spoof, the titular Beard Hunk (played by Beck Bennett) chats up a variety of ladies who are all trying very, very hard to impress him. For example, Raquel (Cecily Strong) introduces herself as “the worst girl in any room I’m in.” Irresistible, right?

Then there’s Whatever (Vanessa Bayer), a clueless 26-year-old who’s “looking for a husband even though I’m not old enough to vote,” and Ashley (Felicity Jones), a twin who spent five years of her life in an incubator and now promotes iced tea on Instagram. Oh, and she has five STDs — but that doesn’t scare Beard Hunk away. What does? “I didn’t bring a bikini,” Ashley reveals. “I only brought a one-piece.” With that, Ashley’s out.

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