'SNL' Documents the Search for New Oscars Host While Poking Fun at Kanye West, Rami Malek & More

The Oscars are still in search of a new host, and it seems like there are plenty of celebrities willing to take on the coveted role, according to SNL

The Academy Awards are still in search of a new host for this year’s ceremony and it seems like there are plenty of celebrities willing to take on the role — at least according to Saturday Night Live.

In a pre-taped sketch on this week’s episode, SNL’s cast parodied the audition process for the position, which freed up after Kevin Hart stepped down as host following the backlash over his past homophobic comments.

Among the group of celebrity hopefuls vying for the gig in the sketch are Tiffany Haddish, Sarah Silverman — whose previous use of homophobic slang in tweets was resurfaced following Hart’s controversy — Chris Hemsworth (played by the actor’s real-life buddy Matt Damon), and Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek.

In one of his few appearances on the sketch show that night, Pete Davidson — who had posted an alarming message about his well-being just hours earlier — portrayed the actor, and poked fun at his relaxed demeanor, joking that he would bring “something fun and super high energy” to the awards show.

Ava Williams/NBC

During the sketch, cast member Chris Redd also poked fun at Kanye West.

“Controversy, bro. Like, you know what I’m saying? I’m trying to stay way out of it. Best actor? What about best human, bro, huh?” the faux West, shared, humorously adding, “My Twitter’s never been a problem. Scroll it!”

At the time the sketch aired, West had spent the past couple of days embroiled in an explosive Twitter feud with Drake, Travis Scott and Davidson’s ex-fiancée Ariana Grande.

Chris Redd. Ava Williams/NBC

At the end of the sketch, Ellen DeGeneres, played by Kate McKinnon, shared that she would love to “host the Oscars.”

“I haven’t done anything controversial in my life, except for being gay, you know. But people love that now, except for the guy that was supposed to host,” the faux DeGeneres said with a smile, taking a crack at Hart.

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In addition to making a brief appearance in the pre-taped sketch, Davidson also appeared live on the program, introducing the night’s musical guests, Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson.

In keeping in the spirit of the holiday episode, the comedian wore a red sweater and green blazer.

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