'SNL' : Regé-Jean Page Plays Duke of Hastings, Preps Sex Scene with Sketchy Intimacy Coordinators

Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page tapped into his character to rehearse a sex scene with his costar Phoebe Dynevor, who was portrayed by SNL's Chloe Fineman

Regé-Jean Page's debut on Saturday Night Live would not be complete without a Bridgerton parody.

Near the end of his appearance, the actor tapped into his Netflix character Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, to rehearse a sex scene with his costar Phoebe Dynevor, who was portrayed by SNL cast member Chloe Fineman once again. Bridgerton famously became known for its many lovemaking scenes, especially season 1, episode six, which featured passionate montages of Daphne Bridgerton (Dynevor) and the Duke during their honeymoon.

"I burn for you Daphne," Page said.

"And cut! Oh my gosh, guys amazing. Such passion, that was great," said the director portrayed by SNL star Kate McKinnon. "Now this next scene involves nudity and simulated intercourse so we're gonna clear the set and Regé, Phoebe we're gonna have a brief rehearsal with the intimacy coordinator to make sure you're comfortable with the scene."

"Oh excellent, is Paula back? She's fantastic," Page said as his costar echoed: "Yes, I feel very, very safe with her."

"Unfortunately, Paula had a COVID exposure at a fundraiser for COVID relief but Netflix has provided backup so guys," McKinnon's character said as she introduced the pair of actors to Pete Davidson and Mikey Day's characters, who were very inexperienced intimacy coordinators.


"I'm Richie, the intimacy coordinator. This is my nephew Randy, assistant IC," said Day's character, who Page mistook for lighting guys at craft services.

"Close, we've worked in special effects for years," Richie clarified. "But not a lot of people get puked on in movies because of COVID so we took a Zoom and got certified to do all the sex scene stuff."

Also, neither Richie nor Randy knew much about the show's script. "Didn't read it seemed like a girl's show to me," Davidson's Randy said as Day's character added: "But we get the gist. You two are brother and sister, you banging each other. Good stuff."

When Page and Fineman climbed on the prop bed to walk through the scene, much to the cheerful audience's delight, the group started to rehearse the sex scene, but the inexperienced intimacy coordinators had ideas of their own. "So Phoebe and I thought if I shift my body this way it would cover her a bit more?" Page said before Davidson and Day's characters took over even referring to the show as "Bridgetown."

One of the intimacy coordinators even told Fineman's character to tell her costar, "Wrong hole, dumbass," which McKinnon's character corrected to: "Wrong hole, your grace."

"I think we'll be okay without these intimacy coordinators. We know each other's boundaries, we'll just do what we rehearsed," Page said.

"Well if you two feel okay, let's try to shoot one. And um, can we get the body makeup folks in?" the director said as Davidson and Day's characters walked on set again and explained that they're working double duty.

"Yeah, that'll be us too. Sorry, bunch of the crew were at the super-spreader fundraiser," they said.

In actuality, Bridgerton's intimacy coordinator, Lizzy Talbot, worked closely with Page and Dynevor.

"My first-ever scene was in episode six, where Simon [Page] is going down on Daphne," Dynevor told Grazia U.K. in January. "And it was so great, because it felt safe and fun: you choreograph it like a stunt or a dance. It's crazy to me that that hasn't been there in the past."

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