The two learned very quickly how different their survival styles were

Credit: Source: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Saturday Night Live put host Peter Dinklage through a lot on this weekend’s episode. Especially for its Naked and Afraid: Celebrity Edition skit, which was … exactly what it sounded like.

Stripped naked, sprinkled with hot sauce and repeatedly confused with the character he plays on HBO, Dinklage and team member Leslie Jones learned really quickly how different their survival styles were.

He brought a fire-starter kit for them and worked to build them shelter. He was a vegetarian and avid hiker, and made them eat leaves.

She brought a bottle of hot sauce, complained about the shelter he was building, complained about his “whining” and complained about the leaves they had to eat. She was a “real horndog” who had survived Compton.

But! They survived!

And after 21 days, for all the warmth they created, they never started a fire between their bodies … as much as Jones wanted to.