'SNL' Imagines Hillary Clinton's Reaction After String of Primary Losses: 'I'm This Election's Rudy!'

The skit also mocked her recent gaffe trying to use the New York City subway

Photo: Source: Saturday Night Live: YouTube

It’s been a rough few weeks for Hillary Clinton.

After a string of losses to her Democratic presidential challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and a gaffe with the New York City subway as she tries to woo voters for the state’s primary, how is Clinton feeling about all of this?

Enter Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon on this weekend’s episode, to give us the scoop. And the scoop is: She’s been punching things!

The skit saw Clinton address America about her recent campaign woes – “I’m the underdog now, I’m this election’s Rudy” – and assure them she was looking toward the future by making the strongest possible case she could for the support of New York voters.

After all, she was just like them! She “ate” peanuts and she “ate” hot dogs and she wore a “beloved” New York Yankees baseball cap … that transformed into a New York Mets hat (pronounced “MEETS”) right on cue.

(Like the rest of the country, Clinton was also a Game of Thrones fan and brought out her three-eyed raven to do one better than Sanders’ little bird.)

When all was said and done, though, her pitch was really about the Republicans. She said she would be the strongest face-to-face challenger for presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Or, in the case of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, “face-to-whatever-it-is-you-call-that-up-there.”

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