Of course, the tables were turned on Sudeikis by the end of the sketch, but we won't spoil how
Credit: Source: Saturday Night Live/YouTube

It’s not all that rare for someone on Saturday Night Live to come close to breaking character during a sketch – but it is pretty rare when that sketch involves Fred Armisen going all orgasmic over Jason Sudeikis.

The “New Girlfriend” sketch on this weekend’s season finale saw Armisen, dressed like Edith Head’s imperious older sister, playing Sudeikis’ new girlfriend at a house party.

When she wasn’t being rude or overly intellectual, she was literally freaking out across the living room every time Sudeikis did something new to her body: blew in her ear, tickled her behind her knee, gave her a neck kiss.

“Her body is like a harp that only I know how to play,” he said, as she spasmed into the guacamole. Later he called her “a hot Mona Lisa if she was drawn or painted with her mouth wide open.”

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The shenanigans took their toll on Aidy Bryant, who came this close to breaking into laughter near the end of the sketch.

Then the tables were turned on Sudeikis by the end. But we won’t spoil which part of his body Armisen got his hands on.