The election results didn't go the way of Hillary Clinton supporters on Tuesday, but not everyone was so shocked

By Stephanie Petit
Updated November 13, 2016 09:46 AM

The election results didn’t go the way of Hillary Clinton supporters on Tuesday, but not everyone was so shocked.

Saturday Night Live poked fun at overly confident Democrats with an Election Night skit that saw host Dave Chappelle and surprise guest Chris Rock caution their white liberal pals against celebrating too early.

As they group revels in the thought of electing the first female president, Chapelle remains skeptical. “Yep, it might be a historic night, but don’t forget it’s a big country,” his character says.

As the night wears on and the results are announced, most of the group is shocked as Donald Trump pulls ahead.

Aidy Bryant asks, “Why aren’t people turning out for Hillary the way they did for Barack Obama?”

“I mean, maybe because you’re replacing a charismatic 40-year-old black guy with a 70-year-old white woman,” Rock explains. “That’s like the Knicks replacing Patrick Ewing with Neil Patrick Harris.”

After Alaska was called for Trump, Cecily Strong came to the realization that America may be racist. However, Chappelle’s character was less than taken aback.

“Oh, my God,” he said. “I remember my great-grandfather told me something like that. He was like a slave or something, I don’t know.”

After the announcement that Trump was voted president-elect came, the guys quipped that it was indeed a historic night.

“Don’t worry, eight years are gonna fly by,” said Chappelle.

“Get some rest,” said Rock. “You got a big day of moping and writing on Facebook tomorrow.”

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