The fan favorite was back in action to provide some political commentary

By Blake Bakkila
Updated November 06, 2016 10:59 AM

Saturday Night Live provided some comic relief about the upcoming presidential election, with help from a calssic fan-favorite character, Enid Strict — better known as The Church Lady.

SNL alum Dana Carvey returned to the show as his beloved alter ego and talked to Colin Jost for a segment on “Weekend Update.”

“Instead of resting up for church, you’re staying up late making jokes about Anthony’s weiner,” the Church Lady said to Jost. “Not quite the path of Jesus, is it?”

Church Lady went on to consider the election, and the choice between electing Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

“Well, it’s a tough choice we have on Tuesday, don’t we Colin? Do we vote for a bitter female android from the ’90s or a riverboat gambler with a big tummy and an orange head?” she asked.

And when Jost asked who Church Lady would be checking off on the ballot, she abstained from choosing a favorite.

“Jesus is not on the ballot, Colin,” she assured Jost. “I suppose he’s not part of your life either, is he? Because like everyone else in Hollywood, you’re a homosexual.”

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And in perhaps the most surprising part of Church Lady’s political analysis, she shared her new favorite TV show.

Westworld,” she said, when asked if there was anything she liked. “What’s not to like, Colin? A land of naked cowboy robots fornicating. They should have called it West Hollywood — too soon?”

To cap off her return to SNL, Church Lady ended her appearance with a song as she belted out Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.” As she sang, images of Trump and Clinton arguing, Rudy Giuliani, Anthony Weiner and even a shirtless Vladimir Putin came on the screen.