November 20, 2016 02:56 PM

Saturday Night Live welcomes you to “The Bubble.”

On Saturday night’s episode of SNL, Kyle Mooney and Sasheer Zamata tout a city-state established for “progressive Americans.” The skit poked fun at those threatening to move to Canada, among other things, following Donald Trump‘s election victory.

“Coming in 2017, the Bubble is a planned community of like-minded free thinkers,” Zamata said. “And no one else.”

Mooney added, “So, if you’re an open-minded person, come here, and close yourself in.” Zamata assured viewers, “In here, it’s like the election never happened.”

Among the amenities promised in the Bubble, Mooney and Zamata listed hybrid cars, used bookstores and “small farms with the rawest milk you’ve ever tasted.”

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders even got a shoutout, as he appeared on the Bubble’s currency. “That’s more like it,” Mooney said about the dollar bill featuring Sanders, who was largely popular among left-wing millennial voters.

Zamata then said all of the online content will be curated for Bubble residents as well, mentioning liberal news sites.

“We’ve streamlined our high speed internet with only the good sites, like HuffPo, Daily Kos, Netflix documentaries about sushi rice and the explosive comedy of McSweeney’s,” she said. 

Mooney continued by explaining that the Bubble is welcoming for all.

“The Bubble is a diverse community and safe space for everyone. We don’t see color here, but we celebrate it,” he said, pointing to the clenched fist symbol that was widely known for its use in the 1960s as a symbol for the Black Panther Party. Zamata then looked at her cohost with uncertainty.

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One thing missing from this space?

“Planning is underway to give you everything you need,” Zamata said, before Mooney chimed in with, “Except police or firemen, because we haven’t found any who’d agree to live here.”

An announcer explained that one bedroom apartments in the Bubble start at $1.9 million, making fun of liberal elitism.

The video ends with Kenan Thompson’s voice saying, “The Bubble: It’s Brooklyn, with a bubble on it!”

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