By People Staff
Updated October 20, 2009 12:00 AM

Talk about bad timing! Just days after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Hollywood, Stephanie Pratt will appear on The Hills, confronting Heidi Montag about her sister Holly‘s “out of control” drinking.

“She just had too much to drink,” Heidi says, defending her sister in a scene from tonight’s episode.

“That was not ‘I’m having fun, I’m letting loose, I’m at this great event.’ That was like some other problems going on in her life where she needed to get so drunk that she would black out.”

Heidi, who’s been house hunting with Spencer, hasn’t witnessed her sister Holly drinking too much.

But Stephanie says, “Every time we go out, someone asks her to leave … she really needs help, Heidi.”

The Hills airs Tuesdays on MTV (10 p.m. EST).