The fight continues! After push came to shove between Kristin Cavallari and Jayde Nicole on last week’s episode of The Hills, the two sat down to discuss their conflict, which centers on their common ex-boyfriend, Brody Jenner, who is currently on a break from Jayde and hanging out with Kristin.

“You don’t think that in the entire city of Hollywood you could find other guys other than Justin and Brody?” Jayde asks in an exclusive clip of tonight’s episode.

Kristin immediately takes issue with Jayde’s mention of her dating Justin Bobby, who dated Audrina Patridge in the past. “I was never friends with Audrina,” Kristin says. “So I don’t owe her anything.”

“Hey, I don’t like Audrina either,” Jayde replies.

“So why are you even bringing Justin into this equation?”

“Because it seems like a pattern with you,” Jayde answers. “Everything was totally fine before you came here, so you need to go back to wherever it is that you came from.”

That’s when Kristin lets her have it: “You are such a bitch, Jayde. I have to tell you, like, you’re a bitch.”

The Hills airs tonight (10 p.m. EST) on MTV, followed by The City (10:30 p.m. EST).

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Tell us: Whose team are you on? And were things better or worse before Kristin came to The Hills?