Women who think the wives "have no self esteem" couldn't be more wrong, she says
Credit: Nigel Parry

Think Kody Brown, the shaggy haired patriarch of TLC’s Sister Wives, gets the best end of the deal?

Think again, his multiple wives insist in an exclusive new clip from Sunday’s episode.

Robyn, who recently announced she’s pregnant, says a lot of women ask the question, “How can you do that? You must have no self esteem You’re letting your husband – in their brains – cheat on you.”

But, she laughs, that’s simply not the case.

Being in a family of polygamists “really is all about the girl,” she insists.

If doubters open their minds, she says, “She’s gonna find it’s a girl party.”

Adds Meri, Brown’s first wife: “We can have a lot of fun no matter where we go – even if it is just the grocery store.”

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 9/8C on TLC.