Kody Brown and his wives return for season 2 of the controversial reality show

By Alicia Dennis
Updated March 13, 2011 04:15 PM
Nigel Parry

Having four wives in one family poses all kinds challenges: Who cooks dinner? How do you handle jealousy? How do you schedule four households and 16 kids? And … how do you fill out the kids’ school forms?

Kody Brown, the polygamist-turned-reality star on TLC’s show Sister Wives, along with his four wives Meri, 40, Janelle, 41, Christine, 38, and Robyn, 32, kicked off season 2 Sunday night on TLC by showing how the most routine of tasks can turn complex when there are four mothers and 16 kids living together in one household.

“So, at the school, you have to fill out the emergency contact information,” says Christine. “I have always put Meri and Janelle on my kids contact forms but under relationship, I’ve left it blank.”

This year, she says she’s going to call them what they are – the other moms – and see what happens. And in a clip of the season premiere, the family discusses her decision.

The entire Brown family moved from Utah to Las Vegas at the beginning of this year and continue living openly in their uniquely blended family of “plural marriage.”

Last year, the Browns added fourth wife Robyn to the family and learned they were under investigation by prosecutors in Utah for polygamy.

Kody is only legally married to Meri and calls the other marriages “spiritual.”