'Sister Wives' ' Kody Brown Admits He Doesn't 'Want to Be in a Relationship' with First Wife Meri Anymore

Meri Brown said on Sunday's episode that she's still interested in being a part of the family — but Kody made his views on how he feels about her very clear

Kody Brown dropped some tough truths on first wife Meri Brown in this week's Sister Wives.

When Kody, 53, and Meri, 51, met with Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown during Sunday's episode to discuss their plans for their Coyote Pass property, the conversation inevitably shifted toward their increasingly complicated relationship dynamics.

"This last year and a half has really shattered what I thought our family was," said Robyn, 44, as Kody responded, "The sense I've got is that we've failed with [my wife] Christine [Brown] leaving."

"We're still here and we don't need to fail more," Robyn continued. "We need to fix it. We need to fix what the problems are."

Kody then suggested that not everyone actually wanted to build a strong family unit. Still, Meri said she didn't think it was "fair" for him to assume "what everybody thinks or feels."

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Meri said later in an interview: "It's interesting hearing him talk about this and the parallels that is happening with him and Christine and me and him. It's kind of disturbing because some of the things he's frustrated about with Christine, he did to me. Oh, he wants to work on it with Christine but not me."

From there, Robyn told the group she needed to know if people were "tired of trying" and didn't want to "work it out."

Meri jumped in to restate her opinion. "Robyn, I think that you and I have had enough conversations about this that you know exactly where I am and I am still here because I'm still trying," she said. "Six years later, I'm still here. Ten years, 15 years, 20 years later, I'm still here. It's what I want."

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In a confessional, Kody addressed the disappointing level of support he's received from the entire family lately.

"I'm exhausted. Who cares," he said. "If you're not with me, you're against me. F off, you know? I'm just, like, that way."

He even touched on Meri's own loyalty while sharing a shocking revelation: "Ironically, Meri's trying to support me and I don't want to be in a relationship with her anymore."

He even touched on Meri's own loyalty while sharing a shocking revelation: "Ironically, Meri's trying to support me and I don't want to be in a relationship with her anymore."

In an unexpected twist during a sneak peek at the upcoming Sister Wives: One on One special the end of the episode, Kody revealed he had briefly found himself in the complete opposite headspace regarding his relationship with Meri.

"[I was] in this place where I might reconcile with Meri," he recalled. But the moment passed quickly because "Christine lost her s--- that day."

For her part, Christine called this claim "a lie," and Meri said she "never knew about that moment with him."

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Meri Brown. tlc

Elsewhere in the episode, Kody and Janelle, 53, butted heads over their differing stances on his strict COVID-19 rules and how it impacted the family. Things escalated so severely that Janelle attempted to walk off after Kody angrily shouted at her.

In the One on One sneak peek, Kody and Janelle confirmed their separation.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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