'Sister Wives' : Janelle and Meri Have a Tense Conversation About Living Boundaries and 'Personal Space'

The Coyote Pass pond has been subject to conversation before, but Meri and Janelle have conflicts from over 10 years ago

Janelle and Meri Brown are putting it all out there.

In this Sunday's episode of Sister Wives, the women speak about their Coyote Pass, Flagstaff property plans. During the chat, the women air some past grievances about living space boundaries.

PEOPLE can exclusively reveal a sneak peak at the episode in a clip that sees Janelle, 52, and Meri, 50, hiking when the Coyote Pass pond comes up in conversation.

"I have heard you say quite often about the pond and not wanting anybody by it," Meri says to Janelle. "And I've also heard you talk about the house in Lehi, and so it makes me feel like there's still some…something."

Janelle explains that she was fearful Meri would build a home on the pond and restrict access to the outdoor space for the rest of the Brown family. "I had some real concerns. And then for a while, you were talking about being by the pond and possibly having a deck, which would be awesome," Janelle says.

"But I worried because in Lehi, you didn't want people walking through – Christine and I couldn't walk through your house to get to each other's houses," Janelle says.

The family home in Lehi, Utah, which was inhabited by Kody Brown's first three wives prior to 2011, featured three defined living spaces for Janelle, Meri and Christine Brown. Meri's space included the only internal pathway between Janelle and Christine's individual sections. An outdoor staircase connected Janelle and Christine, too, and Meri preferred her sister wives use the external route.

"I worked full time. There was a time that I worked two jobs," Meri says in a confessional. "I just felt like it wasn't inappropriate for me to have the respect of my personal space within my home when I wasn't even there."

Janelle ends the conversation with insight into Meri's thought process. "I appreciate understanding that it might have been a privacy thing, but it always felt kind of like a control thing."

Plans for the Brown family's Coyote Pass property are still up in the air. Season 16 of the series has featured building ideas and increased family tension. Disagreements arose when Kody, 52, changed the building design from four individual houses to five distinct plots, an idea which gives Kody his own home.

"I guess he's going to use it for like, family gatherings," Christine, 49, said in a confessional on the show. "I'm like, what a waste of money."

In Kody's new plan, he'd have the house with the pond.

It looks like the Coyote Pass property could still have four plots after all. Christine left her marriage with Kody on Nov. 2. They'll continue to co-parent their six children together, she said in her Instagram statement.

Christine and Kody married in 1994. At the time, Kody was already in a plural marriage with Janelle and Meri. In 2010, Robyn Brown, 43, became the fourth wife when she also married Kody.

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