'Sister Wives' ' Gwendlyn Brown's Fiancée Says Kody Doesn't Know How to 'Respectfully Talk' with Family Members

When Kody "says certain things, I don't like it," admits Gwendlyn Brown's fiancée Beatriz Queiroz

Gwendlyn Brown Kody Brown
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Gwendlyn Brown's fiancée Beatriz Queiroz isn't holding back her feelings about her future father-in-law Kody Brown.

Queiroz opened up about her opinion of Kody during a Valentine' Day Q&A on her 21-year-old fiancée's latest YouTube video.

"Kody's an interesting character. He is energetic and fun. He's a fun guy," she shared of the Sister Wives patriarch. "I just, sometimes when he says certain things, I don't like it."

Gwendlyn then asked, "You don't like the way he talks to me?"

"Yeah, that's exactly it," Queiroz responded. "I don't like the way that he talks to you at all."

She added, "He's super fun. I really like Kody. I don't think that he knows how to respectfully talk to some of his family members — and one in particular, I care too much for to have somebody talk in mean manners."

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Queiroz — who got engaged to the reality star in December — also opened up about adjusting to being part of Gwendlyn's large family.

"It's definitely harder to get close to everyone because there is so many of them," she explained. "And I'm used to family being very close and my memory's not great, so memorizing all their names and stuff, it's hard."

Gwendlyn then complimented her fiancée, insisting that Queiroz is "really good" at remembering names.

Sister Wives' Christine Brown Poses with All Five Daughters at Gwendlyn's Engagement Party
Christine Brown with five of her daughters. Christine Brown/Instagram

Last week, Gwendlyn discussed the estrangement between her father and some of his 18 kids in a YouTube video.

"He really has changed," Gwendlyn said of her dad. "The reason I think he started changing is because his kids used to be young and easily manipulated and I think he found it easier to talk to them [back then]. We weren't as opinionated."

Now, however, many of the Sister Wives kids are adults — some with their own families. As each child from the TLC series has grown into their own person, their connection with Kody has been altered.

"Now, we're adults and we have our opinions," she continued. "We have our adult thoughts and we have things we do as adults and I think he just found it easier to talk to [us] when we weren't as opinionated."

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In January, Gwendlyn further reflected on her current relationship with Kody following his November 2021 split from her mother, Christine Brown.

"It's very flip-floppy for me. In person, my dad's sweet to me now," she explained at the time. "We had our differences in the past, but we're getting better and since we're not around each other as much, we can't be angry with each other as much."

She added, "But when I watch the episodes, I do tend to dislike him a little bit."

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