The felony bigamy case against the Brown family is closed, according to reports
Credit: Joe Pugliese/TLC

No charges will be filed against the polygamous family featured on the TLC reality show Sister Wives.

Before the show premiered in 2010, Utah authorities had begun investigating charges of bigamy against Kody Brown, 44, and his four wives – Meri, 41, Janelle, 43, Christine, 40, and Robyn, 33 – who have 17 children among them, but the case is now closed, reports the Associated Press.

Brown moved his wives and children to Las Vegas in the wake of the investigation and sued Utah County, as well as the state governor and attorney general.

The state lawsuits were later dropped, and on Thursday, Utah County prosecutor Jeff Buhman filed a motion seeking to have the case against the county dismissed.

In court papers, the AP reports, Buhman said the county had adopted the same policy as the state with regards to bigamy – that it would not pursue criminal charges in bigamy cases unless there was evidence of a victim or fraud.

The Browns’ attorney, Jonathan Turley, said the family was “pleased that charges wouldn’t be filed” but have no plans to withdraw the lawsuit against the county, says AP.