Mykelti, 19, announced her engagement last week
Credit: TLC

Christine Brown isn’t sure her teenage daughter Mykelti is ready for marriage.

Christine says she was “shocked” when she learned her daughter, 19, would be marrying Antonio Padron, 22.

In a clip from Sunday’s Sister Wives Tell Alll, Christine answers “no” when asked if her daughter is ready for marriage.

“I don’t even know Tony,” she says of her future son-in-law. “Mykelti’s just so young … I didn’t imagine growing up so fast, because marriage is a huge, grownup step. I’m like, ‘You’re a baby.’ ”

Christine pauses for a long time when asked what her husband Kody thinks of the engagement, describing his response as “completely shocked.”

“I didn’t know they were that much of a couple. I thought they were a having fun couple verses a being serious couple,” says Christine. “He’s only come over a few times. I don’t know him as a person and I certainty don’t know them as a couple.”

Mykelti announced last week that she had accepted Padron’s proposal.

“I’m getting married to my best friend and I’m so happy,” Brown captioned a photo of her and her new fiancé. “He asked and I said yes, but what I’m really excited for is when we get to say ‘I do’. I love you Tony,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Her engagement news came weeks after Brown’s sister Maddie, daughter of Kody and Janelle, wed Caleb Brush.

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