Who knew dividing up a room could be so contentious?

Updated May 22, 2016 12:45 PM
Credit: TLC

Robyn Brown has an interesting idea for making room for her newest bundle of joy.

She and husband Kody work to create a nursery for their daughter, doing so by dividing their son Solomon’s room in half – one side blue for the son and the other side pink for their daughter.

“Initially it’s a strange idea, dividing the room in half. Technically it’s the only thing that works, as long as Soloman is comfortable with that,” Kody says.

“I think it’s really clever. It’s kind of equivalent of that blue tape you have to put down the line, when you have kids sharing a room that don’t like each other,” adds Janelle.

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But not everyone is fan of the idea.

“I think Robyn’s insane. I think it’s a stupid idea. I think it sounds confusing as can be.” says Christine. “Not my favorite.”

Kody notes that splitting the room is “not the normal thing” to do for a nursery.

“Nothing in our lives is normal,” says Kody. We’re about to have our 18th child. We’ve got a daughter who’s about to get married there’s this constant sort of readjustment, reassessment in our lives, that nothing really stays the same. We’re constantly different.”

The Browns welcomed their daughter Ariella Mae on Jan. 10.

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