Simon Says 'Idol' Must Look Better, Be More Fun

Photo: Stewart Cook/Rex USA

Simon Cowell thinks 2008 could be a crucial season for American Idol.

The WGA strike gives the show — and other reality programs — a chance to shine in one of TV’s darkest hours, but American Idol needs to raise its game if it’s hold onto its 30 million strong audience and win new viewers, Cowell has admitted.

“I think last year just wasn’t one of our better seasons,” he told Variety. “The show has got to look better. It’s got to be more fun.”

In the upcoming season, Idol‘s producers are expected to give more air-time to competitors and their families. A good move since the Idol alumni have faced mixed fortunes of late.

While some — like Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson — have survived and thrived, others have been dropped by their labels like bad habits.

But Cowell remains upbeat about keeping Idol in tune.

“It’s got a better cast this season,” he said, adding that contestant-wise, “I will go on record as saying this is one of the strongest years we’ve had.” –Caris Davis

Stewart Cook/Rex USA

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